Weedless Swim Jigs

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Weedless Swim Jigs: Available in sizes 1/2 oz, 3/4 oz, and 1 oz. Poison tail flipping jig head equipped with a razor-sharp open gap 4/0 hook! Also available with a 5/0 heavy shank hook for flipping in thick weeds.

  • Recommended for bass
  • Strong silicone skirts
  • Weed guard allowing you to fish where other lures can’t
  • Custom made & professionally hand tied in Canada
  • 1 unit per pack

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Kenzaroo Pro Tackle
Kenzaroo Pro Tackle
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Product Description

Bass fishing jigs and chatterbaits are both highly effective lures for targeting bass in a variety of conditions. Here’s a breakdown of each:

  1. Bass Fishing Jigs:
    • Jigs consist of a weighted head with a hook molded into it, often covered with a skirt made of silicone or rubber strands to mimic the appearance of baitfish or crawfish.
    • They are versatile lures that can be fished effectively in various depths and cover types, including rocks, wood, grass, and docks.
    • Bass fishing jigs are typically used with a variety of trailers such as plastic craws, creatures, or swimbaits, adding to their versatility.
    • Jigs are often fished slowly, allowing them to be presented effectively around cover and structure where bass are likely to be hiding.
  2. KenZaroo Flutterbaits / Chatterbaits :
    • KenZaroo Flutterbaits or more commonly known as Chatterbaits combine elements of jigs and spinnerbaits, featuring a jighead with a blade attached near the front, creating vibration and noise as it moves through the water.
    • They typically have a silicone skirt, similar to traditional jigs, and are often adorned with a trailer, such as a swimbait or soft plastic creature.
    • Chatterbaits are known for their ability to cover water quickly and are effective for locating active bass, especially in shallow to mid-depth areas with cover or vegetation.
    • The vibrating blade of chatterbaits mimics the movements of baitfish or fleeing prey, triggering reactionary strikes from bass.

Both bass fishing jigs and chatterbaits have their strengths and are effective in different situations. Jigs are often preferred for slower, more methodical presentations around cover, while chatterbaits excel at covering water quickly and triggering reaction strikes from bass. Anglers often carry both types of lures in their tackle boxes to adapt to changing fishing conditions.


Shipping States: Alberta (Canada), British Columbia (Canada), Manitoba (Canada), New Brunswick (Canada), Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada), Nova Scotia (Canada), Ontario (Canada), Prince Edward Island (Canada), Quebec (Canada), Saskatchewan (Canada)

Additional information

Additional Information


Olive Green (Sexy Shad Skirt), Orange (Fire Tiger Skirt), Red (White Skirt), City Lights Black (Black Skirt), Yellow (Sunfish Skirt), Pumpkin Brown (Delta Craw Skirt), Pink (Rainbow Trout Skirt), Green Chartreuse (White & Chartreuse Skirt)


1/2 oz, 3/4 oz, 1 oz


4/0 Open Gap Hook, 5/0 Heavy Shank Hook (Thick Weeds)

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